Welcome to the heart of the West Midlands Built Environment as we embark on an unparalleled period of regional economic growth driven by the West Midlands Combined Authority and Devolution.

A joined-up construction sector is critical if we are to maximise on the opportunities that lie ahead, attracting new people into the industry and skilling-up to ensure we have the manufacturing capacity and the skilled work force to enjoy the full benefits of the greater West Midlands circular economy.

Delivery of the built environment requires an unrivalled range of skills and professions and the scale to the West Midlands transformation. With an ageing work force and unprecedented levels of growth including the HS2 project the opportunity to become part of delivering the future of the West Midlands is truly exciting.

This one stop portal highlights the major projects, identifies the range of skills required, signposts the training courses, promotes placements jobs and lists tender opportunities.



This web site has been jointly developed by the Building Alliance and Birmingham City University. The Building Alliance Community Interest Company is focused on growing the market and creating skilled employment opportunities whilst ensuring the best possible regulatory and trading environment to deliver a high quality sustainable built environment.

Birmingham City University is a world class educational institution based at the centre of the West Midlands with extensive knowledge of the built environment.

This not for profit web site is designed to provide the glue that allows the effective promotion of the industry, attracting new entrants, upskilling the existing work force, highlighting the myriad of learning and work opportunities.


Why the Construction Industry needs you!

The construction sector offers an unrivalled variety of roles, from engineering to stonemasonry. Jobs in construction could be right for you if you’re a practical or creative person and are interested in how things work and are put together and add value to people lives.

The industry is growing fast and the opportunities are even greater as many of the current workforce are due to retire in the next 10 years and nationally we need some 700,000 recruits every year just to keep pace with those who are leaving the industry.

This is an industry open to all and is changing with more and more women and a workforce that reflects our diverse population. You might wish to pursue a career manufacturing building materials, drive a lorry or design infrastructure and buildings using the latest technology such as BIM.

The industry is full of people who started at the base of their chosen profession and have progressed to take on other challenges enjoying a career in construction career not just a job.

You can travel and earn well nave a meaningful fulfilling career whilst enjoying the immense satisfaction of creating the built environment for future generations.


There will never be a more exciting time to choose a career in the built environment in the West Midlands.

Investment in infrastructure and building will see a total transformation of the region creating thousands of jobs and the long term sustainable growth of the West Midlands.

Whether want be to be an architect or a planner a manufacturer or a building control officer the opportunities are endless as are your the routes to you chosen career which might start as an apprentice or through further education college or university.

You could play a key role in delivering key projects such as:

  • HS2
  • Cross region rail and tram, links
  • New roads
  • Airport expansion
  • Garden cities
  • 250,000 new homes
  • Offices, schools and hospitals

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The construction industry offers great career opportunities across a wide range of roles. Below are the stories of some of the people who are already working in the industry.

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